Gallura in SardiniaGallura

If you are familiar with Sardinia you’ll know that it is divided into a number of different regions. The most north easterly region of them all is called Gallura, and it provides a wonderful place to stay if you wish to enjoy a holiday in Sardinia.

The name Gallura is actually very appropriate; it is a name derived from the local dialect of Gallurese and it means the area is situated on high ground. This is an ideal name for an area that has a very rugged coastline and many superb views out to sea.

Gallura is the most popular region for tourism on the island of Sardinia, and since it has several major towns and areas that are very popular, it is easy to see why this is the case.


Olbia is situated in the south eastern corner of the region of Gallura. It is very well connected to other areas in the region so it is easy to explore if you use this as your base. Be sure to explore the San Simplicio cathedral, which dates back several hundred years to the 11th century. You can also learn a lot about the history of the town and the region by visiting the National Archaeology Museum here.

Santa Teresa Gallura

This is one of the most popular towns in Gallura. Thousands of people come to Santa Teresa Gallura every year for their annual holidays. The town is very well set up for tourism, offering many different shops and a gorgeous beach called Rena Bianca. The waters off the beach are also ideal for swimming and other water sports and are usually quite warm too.

Golfo Aranci

If you head back down the coast from Santa Teresa Gallura and stop short of Olbia you’ll come across Golfo Aranci. This is an area that takes full advantage of its position, offering a long stretch of coastline on both sides of the comune itself. There are several notable beaches around this area, including the popular Cala Moresca, which has crystal blue waters and a nice stretch of sand to relax on.

Costa Smeralda

Another must see area in the Gallura region, Costa Smeralda plays host to the Sardinia Cup each year. Porto Cervo is one of the most popular towns in the area, but there are many other ones too including Liscia di Vacca. The area has only been developed over the past fifty years but in that time it has become a hotspot for many rich and famous people. Don’t worry though – there is still plenty of room for everyday holidaymakers to come in and explore the region too, while doing some celebrity spotting!

Wherever you are staying in the Gallura region you’ll see that there is plenty for you to explore. From towns to villages and beaches to more remote parts, it is easy to see why Gallura has become the most tourist friendly area of Sardinia. In fact it is hard to find any reasons not to head there on your next holiday.